The island where Saint John the Theologian is reputed to have wrote both his Gospel and the Apocalypse has a magical light, and for that alone it is worth a stay. The Monastery (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), was founded in the late 10th century and along with the Cave of the Apocalypse has made Patmos one of the most spiritual pilgrimmage sites in Greece ever since. However, being off the radar of the mass tourism routes and away from the fervent life of other Aegean islands, Patmos preserves its traditions unwaveringly; life here is calm and slow. Every corner of the island emanates tranquility. If you’re seeking a truly restful holiday, Patmos is the perfect choice.


June is fantastic for the mild temperatures and the quietness. In July, a famous Film Festival is held, and during August there are several festivities that take place throughout the island. On August 15th a music and dance festival is held that lasts until the next morning. In September there are two very important festivals: the Festival of Sacred Music, which takes place at the open area of the Cave of the Apocalypse, and the Festival of Folk Dances of Greece. Both are a once in a lifetime experience.

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Skala is the largest settlement in Patmos. Built around the lovely port, here you will find plenty of shops and restaurants. Skala constitutes the commercial and trade center of the island.


Chora is the capital of Patmos, and a significant Christian pilgrimage site. Below it you’ll find the famous Cave of the Apocalypse.

walks and paths

Chora is a great place to walk. You can get around the paved paths and enjoy astonishing views.

whitewashed houses and alleyways

The whitewashed houses are an icon of Patmos. They all built according to the typical Aegean style. The beautiful narrow alleys, the lovely snow-white chapels and the flowered courtyards makes Chora a charming site.

historical beauty

Chora is most picturesque village of Patmos and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

magical sunsets

The top og the hill of Chora is an ideal place for those who want to spend some peaceful time watching the sun set.

remote coves, little pieces of paradise

Beaches in Patmos can claim to be rich in natural beauty.

crystal clear waters

From long beach with shady tamarisks to fine sand beach only reachable by foot or boat. Variety is assured in Patmos.

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