The freshness of summer is felt throughout the elegant accommodation in Netia, Patmos Island, where the soft breeze rolls off the sea and filters through the blue windows of the rooms. The calming and inspiring view of Chora imbues guests with an inherent sense of tranquility and wellbeing.

organically arranged

Organically arranged, the sea view apartments in Skala, denote eleganza and romance in every detail where the clarity of the Aegean light plays on traditional polychromatic palettes.

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Stay in a typical Patmian house, with family or friends, with ensured rest… four houses and a garden in an environment that combines comfort and simplicity


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Villa Patmos Netia was constructed with an eye on tradition, inspired by the wind, the sun and people’s lives.

Patmos is one of the most important islands of the Aegean from an architectural point of view. Here the sky is a deep blue and the sea shines like diamonds.


The stunning Chora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a spectacle of overwhelming beauty.


The four houses located within Villa Patmos Netia challenge contemporaneity by exuding tradition; tradition inspired by the wind, the sun and people’s lives.


The villa follows the movement, the rhythm and the needs that the inhabitants of Patmos have established over time. The relationship between the internal and external space are intimately connected, as are the earth and the sky.


Each house presents openings and guidelines in tune with the climate and the atmospheric agents.


The thoughtful and organic arrangement of the houses and the special attention given to the materials used to build them have created a charming atmosphere that stirs the emotions as they arise from the depths of its’ spirit.


The magic light of the island is used as an inspiration and has an important role in the distribution of the houses. We used traditional materials to build the villa, read the language of the stones, heard the voices of those whom have crossed this land before us. Like the sea, the walls return the heat to the skies. While the details of joy are inhaled, the air filters flawlesslly from the relentless wind of the Aegean.


The villa will naturally talk to you to help you understand the landscape; slight inclinations towards visual anchors that, like galaxies, create a universe of colours.


The island took part in all of this, and we knew we cannot undress and show our spirit. It belongs elsewhere, thus we just listened to the wind.

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